Container trnasportation

Container transportation

Container Forwarding for sea require a broad range of activities, as opposed to other modes of transportation. In maritime transport, we offer the following additional services:


  •  Submission of empty containers for loading the goods;


  •  Ground transportation from the warehouse to the port;


  •  Sea transport from port to port;


  •  Port forwarding,


  •  Terrestrial delivery container from the port to the consignee's warehouse.


 It should be noted that the organizational component is the main link in the process of work in freight forwarding in international maritime transport. Therefore, only professional transportation organization will save you from unexpected costs and problems with the delivery of goods.


 The difficulty lies in the fact that the terminals directly to work only with lines agents, and they in turn have contracts only with reliable shipping companies. On the one hand it deprives the consignee opportunity to deal with the processing and export of your cargo, but at the same time, such an organization work process speeds up the procedure intraport clearance and reduces the time the goods in port. Thus the cost of the freight forwarder are then much lower than the costs that may be incurred by the recipient, being engaged in registration of the cargo on their own.


 We provide container transport by road and rail transport on the territories of the Baltic States, CIS, Ukraine, Central Asia, from the port of Klaipeda, as well as container shipping in the different ports of the world. Upon arrival of goods at the port of Klaipeda, we carry out loading / unloading / storage in the storage areas; legalize SMGS / SIM / CMR / TIR overhead on the container; settlements with parties forwarding activity, pay duties and fees.